Friday, February 11, 2011

February 2011

The last month or so has been pretty busy for me. I’m still home in White Rock and keeping myself fit and ready for future opportunities. In January I spent some time on trial with North American Soccer League club FC Edmonton. It was a good experience and I had a good trial. It was my first time in Edmonton and the weather was challenging at -27 degrees C, but luckily we were training indoors. After my trial I headed down to Ventura, California where I attended the Portland Timbers Invitational Player Combine. It was another good experience and a good chance for me to test myself against other North American players. Again I felt like I played well and was happy with my performance. I feel positive about both of these experiences.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience of playing and living in Norway and I feel certain that playing in Europe again is definitely something I will pursue in the future. I may play in North America this season, because as the game continues to grow, there are more and more opportunities here for young players like me. It would be nice to play a bit closer to home for a while after spending a few years overseas, for a while anyways. Having said that, if a good opportunity was to come up in Europe, I would get on a plane tomorrow. So the main thing for me right now is to try and keep all of my options open and keep myself fit and ready to go, for when the right opportunity comes up. I am certainly looking forward to getting into pre-season with a team soon and getting back into that routine of training with a pro club everyday.

Other than training, I have continued to keep busy coaching for my old club, Peace Arch SC. It’s a really fun job and I love being out on the field everyday. There is a lot of excitement around the club these days, because as some of you may know, the club has applied for a new HPL (High Performance League) Franchise. If the club were to get one of the eight franchises, it would be huge for soccer in this community. The club would be called South Fraser Soccer Club. So fingers crossed that they are selected.

Will write an update soon,


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