Sunday, September 19, 2010


The last couple of days here have been pretty good. We had the day off today, as we usually do Sundays, which was nice. I had a pretty relaxing day and then went to watch the First team play against Sandnes ULF tonight. I thought Bodø/Glimt was easily going to win this one, but they ended up losing 2-1, after going up 1-0 in the first half.

We had pretty light training yesterday (Saturday morning) and Friday afternoon. On Thursday night we played against Fauske/Sprint. It was a big game for us because we had the chance to get a lead in the standings, but unfortunately we lost 3-1. Fauske were a decent team, one of the better teams we have played this year and they had some good players. In the end they finished their chances and deserved to win the game. We are now sitting in Second place, one point behind Stålkameratene; with 3 games each to go. It's going to be a close and interesting end to the season. We were supposed to play a game tomorrow night, but I've been told it is now postponed until Wednesday, because of a problem with the lights at the other teams field.

Below are some pictures I took from the First team's game tonight VS Sandnes ULF.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Game Vs. FK Herøy/Dønna

Yesterday we beat FK Herøy/Donna 5-0 at home, to stay in first place in our division. It's a good result for the team and we now have only four games remaining this season. We have a busy week coming up, with our last away games of the season. We play Thursday against FK Fauske/Sprint and also Monday against Meløy FK. Fauske is pretty close to here, about an hour away; but Meløy is a bit of a long trip, a couple of hours each way I think.

It is also a busy week for the first team, they have home games on Wednesday and Sunday, which I'm looking forward to watching. They also won tonight, 1-0 to stay in 5th place and inside the playoff zone in the First Division. I just found out we have an early morning training session tomorrow (08:15), so I better wrap this up. I'll write again during the week and try and get some more pictures up...


Friday, September 10, 2010


In our last game (Monday, Sept. 6th) we played against another team from the city of Bodø, called IK Grand Bodø, who have an agreement with our club to use our stadium for their games. I came on as a sub with about 30 minutes left, at right wing. We ended up winning quite comfortably, 7-1. It was good to play and I thought I did well when I came on.

In our previous game we played against a club called Stålkameratene, who were in 1st place before the game. It was a huge game for us and them, as we wanted to move above them in the standings and they wanted to get further ahead of us. I think everybody expected a very tough and close game and it turned out to be the complete opposite of that. It was a very strange start to the game, we went down 1-0 within the first 10 seconds of the game, conceding the fastest goal I've ever seen in a game. We had the kick-off and passed it back to our goalkeeper, he went to clear it and it hit their striker and rebounded into the net. I was told the goal was 7 seconds into the game, it was pretty crazy; I think we all thought we were in for a long game. Our team reacted very well and turned things around completely. We ended up winning 10-1. I don't think anybody could believe it after the game. It was a great result and ended up putting us above them in first place in the league.

Tomorrow we are playing a club called FK Herøy/Dønna. It's a home game for us, but I believe they are from an island south of here. They are near the bottom of the standings, so hopefully we can pick up another three points and stay in first place.

Here is what our standings look like as of today (In Norwegian, but I'm sure everyone can figure them out! Also, I can see that the whole table isn't fitting on here, so basically we have 41 points, Stålkameratene also are on 41 points and Sandnessjøen have 37 points. We are in first place because of our better goal difference.)