Wednesday, June 13, 2012


It’s nice to be getting settled into my new club Nesodden. I really enjoy the training and being around the club. I haven’t been able to play my first game for the club yet, as we are still waiting for the paperwork to go through. However I’m sure that will come very soon, hopefully within the next couple days. Nesodden is a peninsula in the Oslo Fjord. You can either drive there (around 45 minutes) or you can take a ferry from downtown Oslo (10-20 minutes, depending on the boat). Some of the players live in Nesodden, but many of the players live in Oslo and commute to training.

The club has been in good form recently, currently sitting in 4th place in the Division, 6 points off the leaders, with one game in hand. During the winter I had the opportunity to train with quite a few different clubs and I have to say it’s a nice feeling to sign with a new club and settle down. Getting in a routine is very beneficial for my training and I have found the level of training at the club very good so far. There are many talented players in the squad and the coaching staff seems to always be coming up with diverse training sessions for us. The training sessions are hard work of course, but there is often a good mix of fun involved. For example, sometimes the theme for training can be very high intensity small-sided games, where the focus is mostly fitness. There is often fitness components incorporated into every session in some way or another. Some days will be mostly on team shape and tactics for the upcoming game. Other days will be more focused on technical work or crossing/finishing. We work on passing drills and technique a lot, which I think is very important. The team tries to play a quick short passing game and it's refreshing to come into a team at this level, that still works on the basics almost everyday. We play a lot of different variations of possession games, this is usually part of the training every single day and is also one of my favourite activities. After the team had a great result in their game on the weekend, we had a light session the next day and had a football tennis tournament. 

Everyday is something different, which is crucial for keeping it interesting and exciting for the players. I really like the way the training sessions are laid out and structured here. There’s clearly a lot of thought put into every day’s training schedule. I know that I will be able to improve my game at this club. I want to say again how nice and welcoming everyone at the club has been to me so far. I have nothing but good things to say about the club at this point and I’m looking forward to playing my first game for Nesodden.

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