Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Boots - Nike Mercurial Vapor X

Happy New Year!

My training program has continued to grow over the past couple of weeks. I have been putting in sessions twice a day almost everyday of the week and I’m feeling great going into the new year. I will try to make my next post about my weekly training regime.

I recently picked up a new pairs of boots and wanted to share some thoughts on them. I have always been a sneaker head and have acquired a big collection of boots over the years - all of which are Nike. I enjoy trying out all the different models and feel comfortable wearing any of the top line Nike boots at the moment. However my favourite pair of boots right now are the Nike Mercurial Vapor X. I have had a few pairs of this model and just got a pair in all black; which is my favourite colour way so far.


I have always been a fan of the Nike Vapor boot line over the years and feel this may be the best model yet. You are able to wear them straight out of the box, without getting any blisters. They are extremely lightweight, but I feel they offer a good amount of protection. The upper is extremely thin and lightweight, giving you a good touch on the ball. The FG soleplate is ideal for artificial turf field or dry/damp natural grass pitches. Finally they are quite comfortable overall and seem to be quite durable.

As always, I will continue trying out different boots and look forward to seeing what innovative products Nike will come out with next. But for now, this is my boot of choice. Watch for my next post in the coming days!

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