Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I’ve had a pretty long day. We trained this morning and also this afternoon; tomorrow is a double training session day also. I really like the training at my club, everybody always works very hard and the level of training is very good. It is a good feeling to be able to train with a good club everyday and come off the field feeling good, from having worked hard and competing with good players day in, day out. That is huge for developing as a player and that is why I am here. I love training everyday and always do my best to improve every time I step on the field.

The quality of training in Norway is very good. All the players seem to be very committed and have a good skill level. It also helps we have a very good coach, he seems to really care about helping us develop as players and making the sessions enjoyable every day. In training we play a lot of small-sided games. Almost everyday we spend time playing 4V4, 5V5 or 6V6, etc. games. These games get very competitive and everybody always wants to win. Playing so many small-sided games makes training fun and it is a good way to keep match fitness up. Usually in our morning sessions, we work on technical skills, and do a lot of shooting and ball work. These sessions are usually really fun for everybody and it is usually my favorite way to start the day, even though it can be pretty tiring by the time were finished our afternoon session also.A typical session for us in the afternoon would consist of a good warm up and stretch, followed by possession squares (4V2 keep ball), some technical work and then finished with different varieties of small-sided games, like I mentioned above.

Here is an example of what my week of training with the team could look like:

Monday: Training 4:15

Tuesday: Training 10:00, Training 4:15

Wednesday: Training 4:15

Thursday: Training 10:00, 4:15

Friday: Training 4:15

Saturday: Training 11:00

Sunday: Off training (Watch First team game)

Monday: Game (Reserve team)

So we can have anywhere from 5-8 training sessions in a week, depending on our game schedule. I will probably also go to the gym 3-4 times a week on my own. So when I’m not training, I love to just relax and have some down time. I usually spend a lot of time on my laptop, going on Facebook and talking to my friends on Skype, watching movies and stuff like that. Anyways that’s all for now, I have another long day tomorrow!


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