Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bodø Visit

I’m writing this post from the sky, currently flying back to Oslo from Bodø. I was lucky to have a chance to return to Bodø (the city I played in last year) and go visit my old friends. Unfortunately in my last match for Kjelsås I got a red card, so I had the weekend off and decided to head up North. I left last Thursday and spent 5 nights in Bodø. It was a great trip, I really enjoyed my time in Bodø last year and it was really nice to come back and get to see everyone there. I was able to train with my old team a few times and it was a good feeling to get back out onto the field at Aspmyra Stadion again. I stayed with my good friends Hans-Vilhelm and Bjørn-Otto, who both are still playing for Bodø/Glimt. We mostly just relaxed, watched movies and played a lot of Fifa. It was definitely a strange feeling for me to be back in Bodø. It had been about exactly one year since I left there, which is really hard to believe. There was definitely a huge change in weather from Oslo to Bodø. It was so much colder in Bodø and I could definitely feel that I was North of the Arctic circle again! On Saturday night, we had a great view of the Northern Lights, which although I have seen before, I'm still amazed every time I see them. It’s a very cool sight to see and one that everyone should try and see at some point. So now I’m heading back to Oslo and I have less than two weeks remaining in the season. I have two more games to play and I’m looking forward to having two good final games there.

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