Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bayern Munich Vs Freiburg

I had the chance yesterday to experience a Bayern Munich game at the Allianz Arena. After watching countless games at this arena on TV, it was unbelievable to see a game live here. Bayern dominated the entire game and we had the chance to see some great goals. The ability of the players was phenomenal. All the little things they do is something else; their first touch, the movement of the ball and passing combinations. The game finished 4-0 for Bayern over Freiburg. The atmosphere inside was also something else. The fans are so passionate, it was so loud inside that it was hard to hear the people talking beside us. I have been fortunate enough to witness some great games in Europe during my life. I've seen Manchester United play at Old Trafford, AC Milan play at the San Siro, Celtic Vs Rangers in the Old Firm Derby and quite a few more; but this definitely ranks up there as one of the best I've seen. Such a great day and experience! 

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