Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day in the city

I had the day off training today and decided to go into the city centre to have a look around and check things out. It was a really nice day today and I ended up going all over the city. I have the transit system all figured out now I think, but having said that next time I go into town, I’ll probably get lost! Anyways it was a good day, nice to relax and enjoy the beautiful city of Oslo. I walked around all the main shopping area and went in some of my favorite stores and FINALLY got my phone sorted out. For some reason my phone stopped working when I arrived in Norway and it’s been a huge hassle trying to get it sorted out. So I’m very happy to have it finally working again. After lunch, I walked up to the Royal Palace. It’s always exciting to see the Royal Palace and walk around that area. Then I went to a few random places I’ve never been to before and just walked around to try and find something exciting. In the summer in Norway, they have ski races on the streets, where the skiers have wheels on the skis. Not sure what this is called, but I randomly came across one of these races and watched for a bit. Looks fun, but like a lot of hard work. After that, I went to the Opera House. It was really nice there today, the weather was great and there were a lot of people walking around. I was hoping to get to Vigeland Park today, but I didn’t have time, so that will be my next day trip I think. Check out my photos from today below…

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