Monday, April 9, 2012

God Påske! / Happy Easter!

Over the past week, things here in Norway have been pretty quiet due to the Easter break. Most people take the entire week off work and kids are out of school, so most things are shut down. Because of this, I’ve been able to have a nice couple of days off training, which I think my body really needed. It’s been a pretty crazy two months or so for me, training with various teams and travelling around lots; so having a relaxing couple of days has been great for me. As I mentioned previously, I’m in the city of Trondheim now. I’ve been able to spend lots of time with my relatives that live here, which has been so nice for me. I’ve had the chance to stay with them at their cabin over the Easter break and spend time relaxing, eating lots of great food, and practicing my cross-country skiing. A highlight of the break for me was going downhill skiing in Åre, Sweden (see my post and pictures below).

It's Monday evening and although I'm sad the Easter break is over, I’m now feeling much more relaxed and well rested. I’m looking forward to returning to training later this week, and to my search to find a new club. I’ve been having many positive experiences on the field so far this year, and had the opportunity to train with many clubs during this pre-season. I’m quite simply trying to find the right fit for me. I want to sign for a club that I’m happy playing for, where I’m going to receive the top training and coaching I desire, so that I can continue to raise my game to the next level. I want to sign for a club where I can contribute and get as much playing time as I can, at as high of a level as possible. I’m sure I could have signed for multiple clubs by now, but I don’t want to sign for a club just for the sake of signing. Having said that I can’t wait forever to join a new club, with the new season on the horizon; so hopefully I’ll find the right fit soon, and settle into my new club as quickly as possible. As of right now, I’m feeling very fit and ready to go, with over two months of fantastic training under my belt. By training with various clubs, I’ve had to constantly adapt to new playing/training styles, play in multiple positions, play against many good players, and overall test my skills as a player every day; which can only help me in the long run. I have an exciting opportunity lined up for next week, and while I hope it will be the right opportunity for me, only time will tell. I'll continue working towards my goals every day until I reach them. 

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God Påske! / Happy Easter!


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